Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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The Swiss mortgage home loan hydroelectric power was for decades a highly profitable business. She has come in recent years but massively under pressure, because now the current wholesale prices often deeper than the production costs of our indigenous hydropower. For many hydropower plants, this means that they can produce power not more profitable.

There are several reasons for the challenging situation of hydropower. The enormous renewable energy subsidies are mainly responsible as well as the deep CO2 certificate prices in the EU, the coal-fired plants cheaper electricity produce as hydroelectric mortgage home loan power stations. It is clear that we can not directly affect these developments from Europe. Sure, we should copy these undesirable developments from Europe but not yet and thus exacerbate their impact.

The Switzerland may not copy developments from Europe.

Sustainable solutions for the Swiss hydroelectric power are only possible if the current funding system is designed as quickly close to the market and limited time clear. This includes the abolition of the single dining primacy, which is an economic absurdity and makes it difficult for the energy suppliers to a stable supply. These measures would ensure level playing under the renewable technologies and favour solar and wind energy further compared to the much more important mortgage home loan hydroelectric power. A future-oriented energy policy must be internationally networked and market designed to ensure a stable energy supply.

Hydropower and reservoirs are the only rational and ecological way to save energy. Thus, the water power must be positioned so keep ensures the existence and expansion.

If we want to get out of the Atomkrauft, it takes exactly these measures calculate mortgage payment, the Federal Council has proposed by 2050 in its energy strategy. This is an investment in the Swiss economy and a sustainable energy policy. Speaking of market economy: Unfortunately a large part of the economy prevented again and again over the last 30 years, that exactly such market-based instruments could be introduced with Lenkunsabgaben neutral State quota designed. mortgage home loan.