Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Buy my face

We are going to show you a brilliant and smart idea of making business realized by two students who found themselves in a spot in looking for a job after having been graduated.

Until 1998 university education in Britain was free, but now students have to pay and they are used to borrowing the money and paying it back when they find a job.

Ed Moyse and Ross Harper, graduated from Cambridge last year, had combined debts of €60.000. Ed had studied Economics and Ross had studied Nueroscience, but due to the financial crisis, they have not found a job yet. In order to overcome this problem they decided to...sell their faces!!

At the beginning the purpose was to collect enough money in order to refund their university loans. On this aim, they started renting out their faces on the Internet for different advertising campaigns every day.
Two are the foremost advantages of this idea: on one hand companies have the opportunity to draw potential customer by looking at their logos printed on the two boys' faces, on the other hand the web traffic of the companies' web site can be enhanced by clicking on the uploaded photos of the two boys' faces on www.buymyface.com.

The starting investment sustained by Ed and Ross was just 80€ (in order to purchase non-toxic face paint). They charged clients just for 0,80€ a day when they started their business. Now, the daily fee is 150€ (which is a lot cheaper than hiring human billboards).

The business is now spreading out since they have already been involved in promotional activities with Earnest&Young and Altitude Solutions. Moreover, the two young men also received a lot of free products from their clients.

Thanks to this success, they are now thinking about selling their idea as a franchise to other countries.

As far as we are concerned we strongly believe that this could be a good chance of making money and having fun at the same time. If we were to make up a payoff...we would say..."Make money enjoying your time!"